Cindy Hsu

Hello friends! My name is Cindy and I am a pre-physical therapy student by day and a USAPL 57kg raw junior powerlifter by night.

While I was obtaining my NASM-CPT certification I discovered the world of prehab, rehab, as well as the importance of strength training. I fell in love with powerlifting because it has taught me more about patience, consistency, and resilience than anything else in my life.

As a sumo puller, the Notorious Lift slippers have helped my deadlifts tremendously as I have added 50 kg to my max in just six months. Thus, I am extremely honored to be a Notorious Lift ambassador representing a company that not only makes the best deadlift slippers in the game, but also one that values philanthropy and giving back to the community. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and can’t wait to see what’s to come in my powerlifting journey with my #noslipdrip!

Instagram: @ciindylifts

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Hi, Andrew here. I began powerlifting about 4 years ago after casually gyming for about 1 year! Powerlifting has had a huge impact on my life and I was able to meet so many new people and experience a lot of opportunities that wouldn't have been possible if i hadn't started. I'm currently in school to become an accountant, some other hobbies include drawing and watch collecting. Despite having powerlifting goals, i still treat it as any other hobby and try to just have fun with it!

Joe's one of the most hardworking people i've ever met and his shoes don't disappoint. I've lifted in PLENTY of lifting shoes before and his shoes (especially Gen 2) are my all time fave. It checks off everything on my list of what i want/need in a deadlift shoe. Love the shoes, the brand and the man behind it. Thank you for this opportunity brotha!

Instagram: @liftdrew


Hey fam! I’m Samantha and super excited to be one of Notorious Lifts first athletes! I’m an Emergency Flight Nurse by night, College Nursing Professor by day, full-time dog mom, and a powerlifter with a special place in my heart for deadlifts.

My life can be pretty chaotic but the gym is my happy place. Everyone at my gym was rocking these badass deadlift slippers and I had to have them. After getting my 1st pair I ditched my chucks and never looked back! So grateful to represent a company like Notorious Lift who have made philanthropy an integral part of their company. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the #NoSlipDrip family! 


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I’m Tim, one of Notorious Lift’s first and newest athletes! I’ve been strength training for seven years but powerlifting for five. My current meet PR’s are a 252.5kg/556.7lb squat, 157.5kg/347.2lb bench, and 300kg/661.4lb deadlift. I can’t even express how much love I have for this sport and would love to see it grow exponentially larger in the coming years.

If you know me, you know how many shoes I’ve going through over the years. Literally everything from wrestling shoes, minimalist shoes, and even the good ol’ reliable Chuck Taylors. The Notorious Lift slippers have proven to be a cut above the rest and I couldn’t be more grateful to represent the #NoSlipDrip. Thank you for the opportunity and I can’t wait to see how much we can all build the sport together!

Instagram: @timthebodeau


Hi guys! My name's Nico, and I'm one of Notorious Lift's newest athletes! I've been training in the gym for 8 years, and specifically for powerlifting for 5 years. I currently compete in the USAPL federation for the 74kg weight class. My current meet PR's are 245/539lb squat, 167.5/369lb bench, and 287.5/632.5lb deadlift.

I have tried lifting in sneakers, wrestling shoes, other deadlift slippers but honestly nothing has felt as secure as the #noslipdrip collection. Feel very blessed to be able to represent a wholesome company like Notorious Lift! I hope to build a strong community that wants to spread the message of the brand!  

Instagram: @nicoflores74kg

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Angelo Fortino

I’m Angelo Fortino. 83 kg USAPL powerlifter, national deadlift record holder, and host of the 2 White Lights podcast.

Not much to say about me aside from that I love powerlifting and I especially love my deadlifts. I notoriously (no pun intended) used to lift in a heeled shoe and actually had a 700+ deadlift but when I switched to my notorious lift #noslipdrip slippers, I went from a good deadlifter to an elite lifter…..and looked damn good doing it too.

Instagram:  @14o_power